Monday, August 27, 2012

Still Lifes: Flower and Polished Stones

Edward Weston had his shells and peppers; I've got my Dollar Store fake flowers and polished stones. Here are five images I made of them tonight:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uncle Norbert's Clock

On our mantle sits a late nineteenth or early twentieth century Ingraham clock that belonged to my wife's late Uncle Norbert. This is a photographic study of it I made last night after everyone else had gone to bed:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Showcase Piedmont Park Field Trip

I've been taking a class at the Showcase School of Photography in Atlanta. (It's great, by the way. I recommend the Showcase School highly.) Last Saturday, exactly a week ago as I type this, we met at Piedmont Park, instead of at the classroom off of Cheshire Bridge, to do some actual photography.

On trips such as this, what I find I enjoy the most is taking pictures of the other photographers taking pictures, so here are a dozen of my "Photographers Photographing" portraits:

Most of the other participants brought their own models--family and/or friends--but I didn't think my girls were up to it (plus my wife had a bridal shower to go to that afternoon, and I thought going to Piedmont Park that morning would be a bit much for her that day). I got some good pictures of the other photographers' models, but I also got some good pictures of random people who just happened to be at the park:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Sister's Antiques: Details

When I have the time, I love to putter about in antique stores, especially those in small towns. That's what this post is about.

Today I went to My Sister's Antiques in downtown Loganville, just two or three miles from my house. I'd gone there over the weekend and was returning to buy a Kodak Starmite camera that's a couple of years older than me, and also to look around some more (it's a great store).

I had my (contemporary) camera with me, and they were kind enough to allow me to take some pictures while I wandered around. Here are some of my favorite details from the store:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mamie's Alteration Shop: A Photo Essay

For about three years now I've been getting my pants hemmed at Mamie's Alteration Shop in Loganville (and, at five-foot-five, I have to get all my pants hemmed before I can wear them; they don't make pants for guys as short as me). I've been intrigued by Mamie's for some time now, and when I went in this afternoon to take a pair of my wife's pants that needed fixing, I got up the nerve to ask the owner, Henry Buff, Jr., if I could take some pictures of him and his shop. He said yes, so for the next twenty minutes or so, I made portraits of him and his shop and talked to him about his business.

Mamie's has been in the same spot for forty-nine years now, except for a few years when he moved to Atlanta. Most of the sewing machines are older than that; Mr. Buff has been using the same machines since he opened up, but he bought them used back then. They are beautiful old Singer machines; I'd like to go back and take more pictures of them one day.