Friday, March 7, 2008

Professor (a haibun)

After two semesters of graduate school I haven't gotten a single date with any of the smart, pretty young women who I correctly assumed would be in my classes, but I have learned a great deal about modern literature. In both respects this is the opposite of how I had expected things to turn out.

under the feeder
the squirrel with half an ear
gathers the other's crumbs

Five years later, M.A. tucked into the inside pocket of my tweed sport coat, I start my college teaching career. I expect to have intelligent, motivated, engaged, hard-working young men and women as students. I am correct in one respect: I do have young men and women as students.

scolded by the finch
on the empty feeder--
paralyzed with ennui

Shortly after I leave the small university where I first taught to take a job at a community college--where, I am happy to report, the students may not all be so young, but most often they are motivated and hard working--I learn that one of the students from my very first semester has changed her major from Business to English, and I feel a note of triumph.

outside my window
fledgling titmouse on a twig--

--This haibun was published at Haibun Today on March 27, 2008

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