Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tai Chi (a haibun)

What I worry about is not remembering the intricate moves of the forms--when the right hand glides slowly above the left, when the palms open up to the sky, when to put my elbow on my hip bone so as to improve liver function. What I worry about is remembering to bow when I enter the dojo, and to call my instructor "Sir." I know I will be corrected if I turn one way when I should turn the other or if my shoulders do not stay parallel to the floor, but what I want is to avoid the awkwardness of having to be corrected--or having others know that I should be corrected, even if I am not--for not embodying the respect and civility that is such an important part of this most peaceful of martial arts.

movements so slow
not even the fish notice--
stalking blue heron

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